Book Review: Lizzie’s Blue Ridge Memories by Virginia Elisabeth Farmer

Lizzie’s father finds himself out of work during the General Motors Strike in 1970. He packs up his family and takes them to his mother’s farm in Virginia where the city girls are in for an adventure.
They meet country neighbors, learn how to milk cows, fish with a cane pole and feed the chickens.
Lizzie learns about death but encounters many joyful experiences along the way as she meets extended family members.

I met author Virginia Elisabeth Farmer at the St. George Book Festival last month. She gave me a copy of her book Lizzie’s Blue Ridge Memories to review.

This book brought to my mind my own memories of visiting my grandparents when I was younger. Like Lizzie, my grandparents lived on a farm. This book is based on events from the authors life and a summer spent living with her grandparents.  The book is told in a way to help young children visualize what life was like when their parents & grandparents were younger.

Lizzie’s story made me nostalgic for my childhood and the simpler times of the past. It also reminded me that I need to take more time to create memories with my own children and that I need to write experiences and stories down before they are forgotten.

This is a heartwarming read for children ages 8-12.

Content: Clean

Rating : 4 Stars

Source: From Author For Review