Book Review: Dear Austin: A Letter to My Son by David M. Perkins

Leaving home; for college, for military service, or for a job. It’s a milestone in the life of almost every child – and a bittersweet crossroads for almost every parent. What you say to your child at this critical moment, and how you say it, can be a welcome catharsis for you, as a parent, and a lifelong gift to your child. The letter in this book is how David Perkins chose to say goodbye to his son as he left for college. He does not hold it up as a template, or even as an example, for others. He only wants you to know that it made this important rite of passage easier for him to navigate. How his son feels about it may not be known for some time.

Dear Austin: A Letter to My Son is just what the title says it is – a letter author David M. Perkins wrote to his son Austin. This is a really quick read. Just 56 pages with lots of pictures. I think it only took me about 15 mintues to read through.

I really enjoyed reading through this letter. Filled with words of advice, encouragement and love from a father to his son. I wish I had a letter like this from my mother who passed away several years ago. This book made me decide to write a letter like this one to each of my children when they leave home.

Rating: 4 Stars

Source: From Author for Review