BIR2010 – Best I’ve Read Giveaways – Address Form

Best I’ve Read 2010 starts in just over a week.

Response to BIR2010 has been phenomenal!

Authors and publishers have been absolutely amazing to work with and have been incredibly generous. All total between the 10 blogs that are participating in BIR2010 we will be giving away nearly 400 books!

Just on my blog alone I will have 70 winners! Yep you read that right – 70 winners! This creates a little bit of a logistical nightmare!  Trying to keep track of all the giveaways and winners is a huge task.

To help make things run smoothly it will be required for those entering the giveaways to provide a mailing address.  I do not have the time to track down 70 addresses a week before Christmas when the giveaways end.

To make things simple for everyone I have created a form so you can enter your mailing address just once.  Once you have filled out this form all you need to do is enter your name & email address to enter each of the BIR2010 giveaways.  BIR2010 runs from December 6th to 14th.

This should be much faster than having to enter your mailing address nearly 70 times if you choose to enter all the giveaways. 

FYI – Most of the publishers that are shipping out books will not ship to P.O. boxes. There are a few International giveaways included but most of the giveaways are open to US & Canada or US only.

If you plan to enter the BIR2010 Giveaways on my site please fill out the form below.

Want a small taste of the books that will be given away on this blog?

Crescendo, Tell Me a Secret, Five Flavors of Dumb, Anna and the French Kiss, Before I Fall, Once in a Full Moon, Matched, Clockwork Angel, The Scorch Trials, Firelight, Nightshade, Pathfinder, Linger, Mockingjay…. plus many, many more!