Review: The Lost City of Atlantis by Benjamin Flinders

Second book in the Traveling Trunk Adventures series.

What has kindled the wrath of Poseidon? Something of his has been stolen, and he will destroy all of Atlantis to get it back. Join Ethan and Dallin, two brothers who are transported back to the ancient city, as they make new friends, attempt to outwit a corrupt magistrate, and seek to reunite an enslaved girl with her father. To do so, they must escape from a three-headed dog and his master, and battle a slithering thief from the Underworld. Will Ethan and Dallin discover that they possess what Poseidon wants before it is too late? Or will they be lost forever with the ancient City of Atlantis?

The second in a series of comical adventures scattered across history. From the New World to the Great Wall of China, the Traveling Trunk Adventures are sure to capture the imagination, free the spirit of adventure, and tickle the funny bone of every reader, young and old alike.

The Lost City of Atlantis is book two in the Traveling Trunk Adventure series by Benjamin Flinders. Last month I reviewed book one in the series, Pirate Treasure and finally took the time to sit down and read book two.

One of my favorite things about these books are the covers. They are high quality and beautifully done. I do judge a book by its cover and these books pass the test. They are well done inside and out.

The Lost City of Atlantis finds Dallin & Ethan traveling back to Atlantis just before it is destroyed. This adventure is full of myths & legends and a whole lot of fun. This series is perfect for children who have just transitioned to chapter books. Beautifully done black and white illustrations bring the story to life.

A third book in this series by Benjamin Flinders titled Excalibur is due out in December.

Content: Clean read

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Source: From author for review