Review: Snow Rising by Matt Baldwin

Change can happen in your life as quickly as you’ll believe it.

Jason Snow has lived his life making choices that he believed would bring him happiness. Ironically, he acted in ways that got him the exact opposite of what he wanted. Now, his relationship with his wife is hanging by a thread, he is miserable at work, and worst of all, he feels disgusted at the thought that his kids are suffering because of choices he-s made. Is there a way out?

Although this book follows Jason Snow on a life-changing quest beginning at the base of Mt. Hood, Snow Rising is not a novel. It-s an invitation to take a personal journey. Author Matthew Baldwin says, -I invite you to join Jason Snow, and leave you with two questions: one, can you be an advocate for the changes you desire to see in yourself and in the world around you; and two, do you have the audacity to find out?-

Snow Rising can put individuals back together, revitalize marriages and families, and help recover fractured organizations. It shares four axioms, absolute truths, that are at the root of all happiness. But as the author says, -Then again, perhaps the answer is not in the answer, but in the journey to the answer.-

Take the journey. Make the change. Know the peace.

Snow Rising by Matt Baldwin is a self-help book in story format. The author uses a fictional story to teach life changing truths. This was not a fast read for me. In fact it took me nearly a month to get through it. I could only digest a couple chapters a night until I reached the last 100 pages. Then I didn’t want to put the book down.

Snow Rising is a book worth taking the time to read. I could relate to the problems facing the different characters in this book and enjoyed the way the author used a story format to teach life changing principles.

I could share tons of amazing quotes from the book but I’ll just share two:

Human behavior is an avalanche, subject to the same sequence that governs all of nature. We choose what we believe, and we choose our actions. Everything else is a consequence. Life is a sequence that begins in choice and ends in consequence.

Life is about the small things…Do the small things…
It means that when you come to the end of your life and look back, a slow walk with your daughter will mean more than your account balance. It means that flowers and a note for your wife for no particular occasion, only because you adore her, will mean more than diamonds on an anniversary. It means that showing gratitude to a friend for absolutely no specific reason will have more impact than picking up a lifetime of dinner checks.

I’m looking forward to the sequel that will be released in 2011.

Content: A clean, motivating read

Rating: 5 Stars – This was a hard book to rate but ultimately I couldn’t give it less than 5 stars. I could put it down and walk away, in fact it was a book I had to put down because I could only digest a chapter or two a night. It was also a book that got me thinking and kept me thinking when I put it down. It’s well written and full of truth and I would recommend it to anyone looking to make changes in their life and in their relationships with others.

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