Review: I Asked Her Out, She Said Yes – Now What? by Jarett Waite

This book is a simple, straightforward, logical guide to dating the right way. No gimmicks, no tricks, just practical advice that really works. If you’re new to the dating scene, fed up with short-lived relationships, sick of awkward dates with girls, or would just like to fine-tune your dating skills, this book is definitely for you. The advice in this book will restore your perspective, help you find relationships that last, and give you some practical hints and tips to help you-and the girl you asked out-feel great about the first date and beyond. Whether you’re new to dating, or you’ve been doing it for years, you’ll walk away from this book with the skills necessary to have success in dating.

I met Jarett Waite at the St. George Book Festival on Saturday. He was kind enough of offer me a copy of his book I Asked Her Out, She Said Yes – Now What?

I am obviously not the target audience for this book but I do have a son who turns 16 next month and thought it might be a book I could pass on to him.

I Asked Her Out, She Said Yes – Now What?: A Crash Course in Dates that Lead to Relationships is a quick, easy read. It’s just 75 pages long which is a great length for the target audience. It’s not intimidating and short enough to read in a single sitting. The books discusses dating basics including being creative, having fun, being yourself and a step by step walk through on planning a date.

Ironically when I got home on Saturday afternoon I found my son and his friends getting ready to go to a dance. They were surfing the internet looking for ideas on how to ask a girl to dance and how to talk to her. I’m sure this book would be right up their alley. Now to get them to read it. If I hand it to my son I’m sure he’ll balk and want nothing to do with it so I’m just going to put it on his nightstand and hopefully he’ll pick it up and read it.

If you have a son, grandson (or boyfriend) who is just starting to date this would be a good book to give to them. Even better for those who are a little older and need a few tips.

Content: Clean

Rating: 4 Stars

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