Childrens Book Wednesday: The Bracelet by Miriam de Rosier

Teddy is not Miss Thompson’s favorite student. He doesn’t focus in class, his homework is never complete, and he comes to school unkempt. When, at Christmas, Teddy gives Miss Thompson a bottle of cheap perfume and a rhinestone bracelet with half the stones missing, Miss Thompson is confused-until she discovers that these items had belonged to his recently deceased mother. Miss Thompson’s profound realization changes her attitude and behavior forever; in turn, young Teddy begins to truly blossom. The Bracelet is a heartwarming story of how one person can deeply affect another person’s life, and it will touch everyone who reads it.

What a beautifully done, touching book. I’ve heard this story before but it still made me cry. Gorgeous illustrations accompany the retelling of this classic story.

This book would make a great gift for a teacher who has touched your child’s life. It illustrates how a teacher can open a world of possibilities for a struggling student. Also a good lesson it not judging others because we don’t know what they’ve been through.

The perfect gift book for teacher appreciation.

Childrens Book Wednesday is a feature started by The Crazy Bookworm. Since I adore children’s picture books I’ll be joining The Crazy Bookworm by sharing at least one picture book each week.