Pirate Treasure: Traveling Trunk Adventure #1 by Benjamin Flinders

A cursed treasure chest transports Ethan and Dallin from their modern lives onto a ship in the New World. Not just any ship, a merchant vessel transformed into a renegade pirate ship that same morning.

Mistaken as thieves, the brothers must use their wits and humor to navigate the dark secrets of the brig, survive walking the plank, learn how to talk, fight and hurl insults like a pirate (along with the rest of the clueless crew), and solve the mystery that turned Captain Black Bart into a wannabe pirate.

But even if they can save the pirates from themselves, can they unravel the curse that brought them here, and then figure out how to get back home?

The first in a series of comical adventures scattered across history. From the New World to the Great Wall of China, the Traveling Trunk Adventures are sure to capture the imagination, free the spirit of adventure, and tickle the funny bone of every reader, young and old alike.

This book is a keeper. There aren’t many books on my bookshelves. Unlike most people I usually give most of my books away. I’m keeping this one.

First the cover. The picture doesn’t do this cover justice. It’s raised and shiny and I just love looking at it. I do judge books by their covers and Pirate Treasure has a great cover.

Second the story. Benjamin Flinders has written a great middle grade reader. Humor, adventure, great illustrations and likable characters make this the perfect book for young boys.

Third the pirate dictionary. Dallin’s Pirate Dictionary with corrections by Ethan had me laughing. Here is an example of an entry in the dictionary:

Mutiny: A short pirate who can’t speak; mute and tiny. (When the crew maroons the captain and elects a new leader. Mutiny probably happened in many cases because the captain didn’t give his pirates a good dental plan, which would likely explain all the missing teeth.)

There were even a words defined in this dictionary that I didn’t know the meaning of: keelhaul, Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter; guess you are never too old to learn something new.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with a young boy who is transitioning to chapter books. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

Content: Clean Read

Rating: 5 Stars to this great middle grade reader.