Constant Christianity by Jenny Sidri

In her inspirational book, Jenny Sidri offers a practical perspective to the teachings of Jesus that recall his direct words to us: Be perfect, even as the Father is perfect. The author shares her recovery from illness through a 3-step approach that employs daily meditation, thought training, and a personal inventory to increase self-understanding. Using the Master’s words and universal truths, this volume lights the path to discovering a new sense of well-being and spiritual living. The busy and burdened lives of today’s population can benefit by using this intensely practical approach for relief of stress and re-energized purpose in each moment. The author encourages spiritual seekers to develop conscious selfawareness, using the highest ideals to guide daily choices. The result is positive and productive living that engenders new joy and enthusiasm. Although this book is religious in nature, its precepts can be applied by all, for the methods speak to the universal side of everyone. The guidance offered in Constant Christianity will help readers recognize the beauty of developing sterling character, ultimately realizing a balanced and universal life of joy and fulfillment.

This is one of my more eclectic reads. I received this book from the author for review. A good Sunday read.

This is a really fast read. It’s filled with simple truths and reminded me I need to take more time for spiritual things. Reads like good advice from a parent, grandparent or trusted friend.

The book focuses on taking time for Daily Meditation, Daily Inventory and Positive Thinking.

Content: Clean, uplifting read

Rating: 3.5 Stars