Childrens Book Wednesday – Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed

Can one good deed from an ordinary girl change the world?

It can when she’s Ordinary Mary-an ordinary girl from an ordinary school, on her way to her ordinary house-who stumbles upon ordinary blueberries. When she decides to pick them for her neighbor, Mrs. Bishop, she starts a chain reaction that multiplies around the world. Mrs. Bishop makes blueberry muffins and gives them to her paperboy and four others-one of whom is Mr. Stevens, who then helps five different people with their luggage-one of whom is Maria, who then helps five people-including a man named Joseph who didn’t have enough money for his groceries-and so on, until the deed comes back to Mary. It’s a feel-good story that inspires and celebrates a world full of ordinary deeds!

What a cute children’s picture book with a great message.

Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson introduces the ideas of “Pay It Forward” and “What Goes Around Comes Around” in a fun, inspiring way.

Mary does the simple good deed of dropping off some berries on her neighbor’s doorstep. The neighbor then makes muffins and shares them with 5 people. Those 5 people do something nice for 5 other people and so on. A great book to use to teach children about the impact we can have by serving other and being kind to them.

Ironically this book reminded me of a conversation my son and I had just yesterday. He asked me if his allowance could be a penny doubled everyday for a month. I think not! I’d only owe him $5,368,709.12.

Childrens Book Wednesday is a feature started by The Crazy Bookworm. Since I adore children’s picture books I’ll be joining The Crazy Bookworm by sharing at least one picture book each week.