Arthur and the Forbidden City by Luc Besson

Arthur’s quest takes him into the heart of the forbidden city …

Arthur’s backyard looks like a peaceful, ordinary garden if you are human-sized, that is. But if you’re half an inch tall, like the Minimoys, this backyard is a vast world where fierce battles are fought, ferocious monsters are faced, and one evil wizard, Maltazard the Cursed, rules with cruel power from his terrifying stronghold: Necropolis, the forbidden city.

Now ten-year-old Arthur magically transformed into a Minimoy and his Minimoy companions, brave Princess Selenia and mischievous Prince Betameche, must somehow find a way into this forbidden city. Their mission: to rescue Arthur’s grandfather, recover a stolen treasure, and save the land of the Minimoys once and for all, before it’s too late.

But once you’re inside the forbidden city …. can you ever get out again?

Arthur and the Forbidden City is the sequel to Arthur and the Minimoys. I actually enjoyed the sequel more than I did the first book. The writing seemed better and there was a little more character development. The book contained scenes that I couldn’t remember from the movie which made it much more engaging to me.

This is another one of those books that is made so much better when read aloud by Jim Dale. Arthur and the Minimoys & Arthur and the Forbidden City have been packaged together under the title Arthur and the Invisibles. Jim Dale does an amazing job narrating these books. I just love listening to him.

Content: Clean read.

Rating: 4 Stars to the audio version. The book version is probably 3.5 stars.