Violet Wings by Victoria Hanley

Orphaned fairy Zaria Tourmaline has always been told that her parents were killed by humans after taking an ordinary portal to Earth. Three years after their disappearance, Zaria finally turns twelve, and her inborn magic rises into being. But no sooner does she catch her first glimpse of the human world through a fey scope than she is Earth-struck! She wants nothing more than to go to Earth herself, despite the dangers. Zaria and her friend Leona sneak through a portal, and right away things begin to go wrong. First, they allow themselves to be seen by humans, which is a crime. They are caught and punished, but this doesn’t stop them from visiting Earth again. Leona’s wand is stolen by a human, and in helping to get it back, Zaria forms an acquaintance with a boy whose father is missing. Back in Feyland, she discovers she is one of the most powerful fairies alive—and others want her magic. She even begins to suspect that the mentor assigned to her—the beautiful and manipulative Lily Morganite—is behind her family’s disappearance. Lily uses enchantments to turn Zaria’s friends against her, and Zaria must seek help from a double-crossing genie, only to find herself bound by unbreakable troll magic. Betrayed and alone, how can Zaria free herself, save her friends, and find out what really happened to her lost family?

Recently one of my friends sent me 6 books to read. After reading a couple reviews about Violet Wings I didn’t have very high expectations for this book and saved it for last. I thought about sending it back unread. Perhaps my low expectations helped because I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I really truly enjoyed reading this book!

Violet Wings has a lot of chapters – 61 chapters in a 361 page book. Each chapter starts with an entry about fairy lore by Orville Gold, genie historian of Feyland. I loved these little entries because they gave so much detail about Victoria Hanley’s fairies which are quite different from the fairies in many other books of this genre.

The main character in the book, Zaria Tourmaline, is only 12 but seemed much more mature to me. I kept picturing her as a 17 year old fairy not a 12 year old. A very original addition to the fantasy genre. This is obviously the first book in a series because we didn’t have all the answers by the end. I will read the sequel when it is released.

Content: This book is clean, no objectionable content. Appropriate for ages 10+.

Rating: 4 Stars. I will be reading another of Victoria Hanley’s book because this one was so enjoyable.