The Aristobrats by Jennifer Solow

Parker Bell has been waiting her whole life for Eighth Grade – she’s finally at the very top of the populadder at Wallingford Academy and her Facebook Friend count has never been higher. A second generation Wally (what most people call an “Aristobrat”), Parker is determined to use her status to champion the underpopular. But when Parker and her three best friends are mysteriously assigned to produce the highly academic (and seriously bleh) webcast, she watches in horror as their spot on the populadder plummets.

The girls will do whatever it takes to save their reputations, even if it means masterminding a plan to get kicked off the project. But when their predicament gets even worse, they just might realize that true friendship means more than status.

I read The Aristobrats so I could review it for MundieKids. My “official” review will be posted on their site in about a week in conjunction with the official release of this book.

I will say this – I am definitely not the target audience for this book. It held little crossover appeal to me as an adult reader. It does have a good message about friendship and what is important in life.

If you are interested, the first few chapters of this book are available on Jennifer Solow’s website. It will only take a couple minutes to read through them and see if this book is for you.

Content: I can’t remember anything that could be classified as objectionable.

Rating: 3 Stars