Hurricane Mia by Donna Marie Seim

Mia’s entire summer is ruined! First, she learns that her mom is sick. Then, she and her younger brother Jack are whisked away to their grandparents’ home on a remote island in the Caribbean. Mia is furious until she meets Neisha, an island girl, who tells her about “the tea that cures everything.” Will Mia be able to find the tea? Will it cure her mom? And will it prove to be her plane ticket back home? Join Mia on an incredible adventure, where she sails the high seas, meets wild donkeys, explores uninhabited islands, and searches for a magical tea.

Please see my review of Hurricane Mia by Donna Marie Seim on Mundie Kids.

Content: This is a cute story that is clean.

Rating: 4 Stars – perfect for the middle grade reader who has recently transitioned to chapter books.