E.S. Pete: Sixth Grade Sense by Arnold Rudnick

Pete figured there would be a lot of reading in sixth grade, but he didn’t count on adding the minds of his teachers and classmates to the list. Knowing what they think can be helpful sometimes, but it can also get complicated — ESPecially when Pete discovers the substitute teacher is thinking about a big robbery.

I won a copy of E.S.Pete through goodreads giveaways. Author Arnold Rudnick did a good job writing an entertaining book for younger middle grade readers. Pete has ESP and is able to hear the thoughts of people around him. When he hears his substitute teacher planning on robbing a bank he’s not sure what he should do. Teaming up with the class bully & a cute girl he uses his ESP to try to thwart the substitute. A quick fun book appropriate for ages 8+.

Content: Clean

Rating: 3.5 Stars