Aurthur and the Minimoys by Luc Besson

Deep underground, the Minimoys are waiting . . . for a champion.

Arthur’s grandfather disappeared four years ago. All he left behind are his notebooks full of stories about the Minimoys, a miniature people who are all less than one inch tall!

But the Minimoys can’t possibly be real . . . can they?

Ten-year-old Arthur is about to find out, as a hidden message catapults him on an adventure wilder than he had ever imagined. He’ll face mosquito-riding soldiers, a malevolent wizard, giant centipedes, and one very independent princess . . . and along the way he might discover that the littlest heroes can make the biggest difference.

It’s not very often you will hear me recommending to just see the movie instead of reading the book. However Arthur & the Minimoys is one of those rare cases where I say you aren’t missing much by just watching the movie. Luc Besson is a screenwriter. It is obvious that this book was written to be adapted to a movie. I’ve seen the movie Arthur and the Invisibles more times than I can count (my children love the movie). This book was nearly an exact book to screen adaptation.

If you do want to read this book instead of watching the movie then you have got to get he audio version and listen to it! I listened to the audio version since it is narrated by Jim Dale. If you’ve listened to the audio version of Harry Potter or Peter and the Starcatchers then you already know what an amazing narrator Jim Dale is. Jim Dale turned this so-so book into something wonderfully entertaining to listen to.

Arthur and the Minimoys is the first of a 2 book series. The sequel is called Arthur and the Forbidden City, I’ll start listening to it next. The movie Arthur and the Invisibles is adapted from both books. I’ve had the CDs in my car and they are perfect for listening to while I’m driving around town.

Content: A clean read.

Rating: The printed version of this book is probably just 3 stars. But the audio version is at least 4 stars due to Jim Dale’s narration. So I’m going with 3.5 stars.