The Boy Who Could Fly by James Norcliffe

A young boy lives in an orphanage that is completely surrounded by a thick wall. Every day, he wishes he were free. He wishes he had a new life. And then he meets the loblolly boy, who is strange, mysterious and who promises the young boy that he can teach him how to fly – as he himself can, with his green, feathery wings. In teaching the boy how to fly, however, the loblolly boy has made an Exchange–he switches place with the orphan. Now the young boy is free and the loblolly boy is “real.” The young boy rejoices in his freedom until he realizes the price he has paid and soon sets out to make his own Exchange – but at what cost?

The Boy Who Could Fly by James Norcliffe was previously published in New Zealand under the title The Loblolly Boy.

This is a bizarre book. It took me a while to get into the story but I’m glad I kept reading.

Who as a child didn’t have dreams of being able to fly away from all their troubles? This is a story that shows us that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

There were some wonderful quotes in this book:

Folks often forget that when they are desperate to escape from something they have to escape into something.

Content: Nearly a clean read just a couple of instances of very mild language.

Rating 3.5 Stars. A very quick read that I ended up enjoying enough to be glad I read it.