Sudden Storms by Marcia Lynn McClure

Rivers Brighton was a wanderer-having nothing and belonging to no one. Still, by chance, Rivers found herself harboring for a time beneath the roof of the kind-hearted Jolee Gray, and her remarkably attractive, yet ever grumbling brother, Paxton. Jolee, had taken Rivers in, and Rivers had stayed.

Helplessly drawn to Paxton’s alluring presence and unable to escape his astonishing hold over her, however, Rivers knew she was in danger of enduring great heartbreak and pain. Paxton appeared to find Rivers no more interesting than a brief cloudburst. Yet, the man’s spirit seemed to tether some great and devastating storm-a powerful tempest bridled within, waiting for the moment when it could rage full and free, perhaps destroying everything and everyone in its wake-particularly Rivers.

Could Rivers capture Paxton’s attention long enough to make his heart her own? Or would the storm brewing within him destroy her hopes and dreams of belonging to the only man she had ever loved?

Anyone who has followed what I read knows that I have a weakness for Marcia Lynn McClure. I love clean romances that make me smile and Marcia’s books fit the bill perfectly. Sudden Storms is a really quick, fun read – I started this book when my kid’s friends came over for a late night and by the time everyone had headed home and settled down I had finished the book. A perfect book to read in one sitting. Marcia Lynn McClure’s books make me laugh out loud, and leave me grinning and Sudden Storms was no exception.

Content: This is a clean read with nothing more than kissing.

Rating: As with all of Marcia’s books this one gets 5 stars from me.