Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor

In all Mildred D. Taylor’s unforgettable novels she recounts “not only the joy of growing up in a large and supportive family, but my own feelings of being faced with segregation and bigotry.” Her Newbery Medal-winning Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry tells the story of one African American family, fighting to stay together and strong in the face of brutal racist attacks, illness, poverty, and betrayal in the Deep South of the 1930s. Nine-year-old Cassie Logan, growing up protected by her loving family, has never had reason to suspect that any white person could consider her inferior or wish her harm. But during the course of one devastating year when her community begins to be ripped apart by angry night riders threatening African Americans, she and her three brothers come to understand why the land they own means so much to their Papa. “Look out there, Cassie girl. All that belongs to you. You ain’t never had to live on nobody’s place but your own and long as I live and the family survives, you’ll never have to. That’s important. You may not understand that now but one day you will. Then you’ll see.”

This is great historical fiction. I doubt I would have liked it as a child but as an adult I really enjoyed this story. If you enjoy historical fiction I suggest you give this book a try. It is based on the author’s family and the stories that were told her by her father and grandfather of their life growing up as African Americans. This book deals with racism and all the complexity involved in the subject matter.
Content: I considered this a clean read. Terms like nigger are used and there is some violence depicted but as the author’s note said there is nothing politically correct about racism and she’s telling it like is was.
Rating: 4 Stars. A great historical fiction novel well worth the time to read.