Rebound by Heather Justesen

Lily’s life is perfect–a perfect lie.

With a successful husband, a gorgeous home, and a growing family, Lily Drake has it all. But when the FBI shows up, she realizes her husband is not the man she thought he was.

Meanwhile, Lily’s friend Curtis is about to be drafted by the NBA, but he suddenly feels pulled to find his birth family, and no one is prepared for what he’ll discover. With so many obstacles in their way, Lily and Curtis must learn to rely on each other if they’re ever going to find peace and learn to love again.

In this heartwarming family drama, Heather Justesen, author of The Ball’s in Her Court, weaves a stirring story of hope. Reunite with your favorite characters and discover how determination, love, and faith can overcome even the toughest trials.

A great second novel by Heather Justesen. Rebound is a delightful sequel to her debut novel The Ball’s in Her Court which was released last year.

Like most LDS fiction this book is completely predictable. From the summary it was easy to guess how the story would go – but I still enjoyed it. Heather is a promising new author who writes a great story. The main characters are likable and you find yourself rooting for them while the vindictive “villains” of the story are so loathsome that you hope they’ll get what’s coming to them.

If you enjoy LDS fiction I highly recommend Heather’s books to you. They are engaging, entertaining and enjoyable.

Content: This is a clean read.

Rating: 4 Stars – This is good LDS fiction.