My Journey to Spiritual Restoration by Gurmay Darlington

Darlington had a rough start in life. At three months old, she was poisoned by her 12-year-old cousin. Burned and unable to swallow, she was in intensive care for several months, then discharged with a grim prognosis. But Darlington survived, only to grow up to face sexual abuse, rape, and domestic violence, plus a variety of serious medical conditions-cardiac problems, knee surgery, and the removal of a large and extremely rare tumor. Due to a medical condition, Darlington actually died and was brought back to life and began her spiritual restoration.

With the help of God, the Author and Finisher of her faith, Darlington was able to embrace the experiences that shaped her. Join Darlington on her journey to spiritual restoration, and experience the radiance that is neither electric nor sunlight but the healing light of the Lord.

I reviewed My Journey to Spiritual Restoration thinking it would be something similar to Return From Tomorrow. This was not the case but I still found the story interesting enough to finish.

If the rating could be based on the story alone this book would get a much higher rating. Darlington overcame much in her life and has an amazing story of what the human spirit can endure and conquer. While reading this memoir I was amazed and inspired by the fact that Darlington was able to forgive those who wronged her, continue fighting for herself and her children and ultimately found peace in her life.

The 2 star rating comes from the actual writing & editing.

Content: Nothing describe in graphic detail but Darlington is raped, beaten, abused, cheated on…

Rating: 2 stars.