City of Angels by Sheralyn Pratt

Rhea Jensen is your typical twenty-something single girl if by typical you mean a private investigator who studies ways to escape from handcuffs while waiting to take down another serial sleaze. But when a seemingly open-and-closed embezzlement case goes awry, her on-again-off-again boyfriend starts fooling around behind her back, and some Mormon missionaries stop her on the street during a stakeout, Rhea realizes her life is anything but typical even by her standards. This exciting first installment of the Rhea Jensen series by Sheralyn Pratt boasts a fair bit of suspense, just enough romance, and a whole lot of heart. City of Angels is a great read for the amateur detective in all of us.

Wow! City of Angels by Sheralyn Pratt was a surprise, it was such a good book. Seriously, I loved this book. I was drawn in from the first chapter and despite having other things on my to do list finished in less than 24 hours.

This book is fun. It’s LDS fiction at its best. Not preachy, not cheesy, a great storyline, awesome characters. Action, mystery and a little romance make this story of private investigator Rhea Jensen fast paced and completely enjoyable.

I’ll most definitely be reading the rest of the series and anything else Sheralyn Pratt writes.

Content: This is a clean read for an adult. Rhea isn’t a Mormon so there is talk of drinking and sleeping around but nothing graphic. There is one bedroom scene but it stops abruptly with the realization that it would be a big mistake.

Rating: 5 Stars – As good as LDS fiction gets.