Oregon Flame by Sherry Ann Miller

Nicole Travis could easily fall for Wade Reilly’s fiery charm . . . if only she could trust him. But, how can Nicole ever believe Wade’s sincerity? He took advantage of her brother, and destroyed her relationship with her fiancee. Oregon Flame . . . a daring rescue . . . a dangerous romance.

This short little romance novel started off strong. I enjoyed the beginning of the book but it started to fizzle out as it went along. The potential was there for a great book but it just lacked the depth and story development needed to make it believable. Not enough time developing the relationship between Nicole and Wade left me not buying the ending.

This is a clean, quick read. It kept my interest enough to finish it.

Content: This is a clean read. No objectionable content. Appropriate for ages 16+.

Rating: 3 Stars. If you’ve got the time, enjoy clean romance and can find this at the library give it a try.