His Holiday Heart by Jillian Hart

What can make a grumpy “there-is-no-Santa-Claus” kind of man smile? The sight of quirky Lucy Chapin. Something about the woman creates warm and fuzzy feelings within confirmed bachelor Spence McKaslin. So he’ll just have to ignore her. Hard to do, since they’re working together on a Christmas program for hospitalized children. The time with lovely Lucy soon has Spence thinking twice about spending his life alone.

I was in the mood for something light, fluffy, clean and uplifting so I picked up Christian Romance novel His Holiday Heart by Jillian Hart. This was typical Christian Romance, completely clean and thankfully not too preachy. A good uplifting read for a Sunday afternoon with likable characters I was rooting for.

I didn’t realize this was the final book in the 3rd McKaslin series when I started reading it. It was ok to read as a stand alone although I’m sure I might have enjoyed all the information about the other family members more if I had read the other books in the series and knew their stories. My library only has a few books by Jillian Hart and only parts of each series which makes it unlikely that I’ll read any more of the McKaslin series because I don’t intend to buy them.

Content: Completely clean. Ages 13+

Rating: 4 Stars for a Christian Romance book. Kept me up late reading. Enjoyed the interactions between Lucy, Spence & his family.