12 Days of Clean Romance – Blogger Prizes Rafflecopter

Thank you for helping me promote these awesome authors!!

There will be $100 in paypal cash or amazon gift cards given away to bloggers who post about & help promote these authors & giveaways.

Below is the rafflecopter where you will enter links to your posts to be entered to win.


There will be 10 bloggers who win $100 total:
2 – $25
2 – $10
6 – $5


You can enter one link each time you put up one of these posts:

$100 Blast – December 1st
Jennifer Peel – December 4th
Taylor Hart – December 5th
Rachael Anderson – December 6th
Josi Kilpack – December 7th
Janette Rallison – December 8th
Jennifer Griffith – December 9th
Taylor Dean – December 11th
Sheralyn Pratt – December 12th
Heather Moore – December 13th
Annette Larsen – December 14th
Lucy McConnell – December 15th
Cami Checketts – December 16th


My goal is to send HTML out to you 48 hours before each post should go up. If you haven’t seen it the day before a post should be up please email me!


a Rafflecopter giveaway