Blue Host Review – #BHblogger

It has been a year and a half since I transferred my blog from blogger to wordpress. Recently I was offered a one month trial to try BlueHost in exchange for writing a review. I’ve been using BlueHost since I moved from blogger so I didn’t need the free trial but I did offer to write the review.

Blue Hosting

Bluehost is a web hosting company that is a great choice for bloggers. We’ve been recommended by since 2005 and provide one-click WordPress installation as well as our new drag-and-drop feature with Weebly. We provide cost effective Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and WordPress Managed hosting. There are different plans available to fit every budget and come with a free domain registration. Our anytime money-back guarantee makes us a smart and risk-free choice for starting your new blog.


Overall I am happy with the move I made to wordpress and the hosting company I have been using. I did write an initial post about my switch to Blue Host back in March of last year.  You can read that post here.

Here are a couple things I’ve learned along the way.  $3.95 a month will not cover the hosting needed for a blog the size of mine. Shortly after transferring this blog to bluehost I was speaking with a technician who mentioned that my currently hosting package would work until I started to get quite a bit of traffic. When I asked him how much traffic I would need before I needed to upgrade to the next level of hosting he said something like 1,000 visits a day.  Long pause on my part because my blog was already getting more visits than that every day.  I initially figured hosting of my blog would be around $50 a year.  It ended up being closer to $350 a year for the bandwidth I needed for the traffic my blog gets.  If I stayed with the hosting package I initially signed up with my blog would have been bogged down and been super slow loading. I checked around and learned that the fees with other hosting companies were similar to BlueHost. The more traffic you get the more you have to pay for hosting. The cheap prices works great for most blogs but if you grow big you will have to upgrade your hosting package.  At the time I might not have made the switch if I knew how much I would be shelling out but in hindsight I’m glad I did.

I currently have nearly a dozen different domains all of which are hosted on the same account. The set up process is really easy to do. There is a control panel with tons of different options and features.  Most of them I haven’t even explored.  I just did what they told me to do and skipped the rest.

I’ve had to call technical support several times and have found them to be very helpful.  At one point my blog wasn’t loading properly.  It was stuck in some type of loop.  I took being transferred to a couple different technicians but someone eventually figured out what the problem was and got my blog working again.  Along the way they were very helpful.

Sometimes I’m clueless and my memory fails me.  I’ve set up several different blogs and there have been times when I couldn’t remember what the next step was in the set up process so I have called and they have walked me through things. Every time I have called I have gotten someone who was easy to understand and if they didn’t have the answer to my questions they transferred me to someone who did.

There has been some unexpected downtime.  Overall it has been minimal but when my site doesn’t load it is really annoying. Most of the time it has been for very short periods of time and thankfully it doesn’t happen very often.

Other than blogger who provides no blogger support I have no one else I can compare bluehost to. I had one issue once on Blogger and I never heard back from them ever. At least with BlueHost they have a phone number you can call and helpful technicians on the other end of the line.

I don’t think I would ever go back to blogger after being on wordpress.  I have a lot more control and flexibility and there is no longer the fear that one morning I will wake up to this dreaded image that has plagued way too many bloggers.

blogger image

Yes one day I did wake up to find this image on one of my other blogs and I never did get it back.

I still suggest you look before you leap but wordpress through bluehost is a great option for those who want to turn their blog into something more than just a hobby.

Book Review: The Inn at Laurel Creek by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

The inn at Laurel CreekTitle: The Inn at Laurel Creek

Author: Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Series: None (but I think the author should turn this into one)

Publisher: Booktrope

Released: October 8, 2014


Book Summary:

From the best-selling author of the Angela Panther series comes the contemporary romance novella: The Inn At Laurel Creek

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Frustrated and hurt by the news of her ex-boyfriend’s pending marriage to a virtual stranger, Carly escapes to a small-town bed and breakfast in the mountains of North Georgia to heal her wounded heart.

At the inn, Carly meets struggling musician Ben, and their instant connection is undeniable. Even though she knows next to nothing about the sexy singer with the crooked smile and sensitive soul, that doesn’t stop her heart from suddenly feeling like its home.

Can Carly’s newfound feelings survive when she discovers Ben isn’t who he seems?




Love at first sight novels are a hard thing to sell me on.  And honestly for the first half of this novella I just wasn’t buying it.  I’m glad I stuck with it because by the time I hit the mid way point of this story I was sold and rooting for Carly and Ben.

I loved the setting for this book. The  Bed and Breakfast owners Stan and Lou were a hoot.  I totally think the author should write more novellas set at this magical retreat Georgia.

This is an 85 page novella but I felt the story was told well and I was satisfied by the end. It’s hard for me to buy into a relationship that develops to the point this one did in just a few days but that is part of the charm of the setting of this book. The Inn at Laurel Creek is a place where miracles occur.

4 stars

Rating: 4 Stars – Great Book

Content: some mild/moderate language and profanity, innuendo and a fade to black sex scene

Source: Review copy from author

Purchase your own copy of The Inn at Laurel Creek from Amazon.


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